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Author of 2 novels - Summer of Irresponsibility (Alien Buddha Press, 2023) and Late to Bed, Late to Rise (Black Rose Writing, 2013). Short fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared or are on their way in numerous rags including Lost Lake Folk Opera Magazine, Ink & Voices, Conceit Magazine, Spontaneous Spirits Magazine, Dovetales Journal, Amulet Magazine, HASH Journal, Route 7 Review, The Vital Sparks Journal, Burnt Pine Magazine, Bluepepper Journal, Sandstorm Journal, Spectra Poets, Moida Magazine, In Parenthesis, Gargoyle Magazine, Mortal Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Beatnik Cowboy, MOTAL, The Gorko Gazette, New Pop Lit, Gabby & Min's Literary Review, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, and mas. 

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